BackScat I



BackScat_1         - Power consumption: 45 mA
  at 12 VDC (Chlorophyll a) 
- Response time: 120ms
- Flash pulse rate: 15cps
- Measuring range:
  0 to 100 mg/cbm
  (other ranges on request)
- Housing material: Titanium

- Xe-flashlight fluorometer
- One channel fluorometer
- Single window, fast-response, low power consumption
- Turbidity sensor (Mie-backscattering) available
- Deployment depth: Titanium housing max 6000 m
- Spectral ranges: VIS, UV I and UV II
- Available filters: Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrine, Humic acids,
  Aromatic hydrocarbons, Rhodamine B, Sulforhodamine,
  Uranine (Fluorescein), Eosin, Pyranin, Naphtionate

pdf_button  Download Datasheet Dr. Haardt BackScat I


BackScat II

Fluorometers with one or two optical windows. Specification are similar to those of the BackScat-I, however two fluorescent matters and optionally the turbidity can be measured simultaneously.

- Power consumption: 120 mA at 12 VDC (2 substances)
- Sensitivity: 0,02 mg/cbm
- Response time: 100 ms
- Flash pulse rate: 30 cps
- Measuring range: 0 to 100 mg/cbm (other ranges on request)
- Housing material: Titanium

The standard Fluorometers are equipped with an automatic range switch and analogue outputs. Digital data transmission is optional:

- RS-232, RS-485 and FSK-single-core transmission.
- Sensors for pressure and temperature can be integrated.

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